Wavereform Records — techno record label from Berlin, Germany.


Georgian duo Greenbeam & Leon have been exploring the creative potential within techno and electronic music as a whole since 2002. In the 15 years that have passed since, their productions have appeared on some of the key outposts in the netlabel scene (such as Unfoundsound, Minibus and igloo-rec) as well reaching more established labels such as Lessizmore and Splitsound. As Autumn Tree they have branched out into more experimental, home listening fare, but as Greenbeam & Leon they remain focused on the dancefloor.

After the releases from Qindek and Snitch, the Abandoned Tales EP is a perfect addition to the Wavereform catalogue, as well as marking yet another development in Greenbeam & Leon’s storied career.


I continued label story with artist portraits.