Wavereform Records — techno record label from Berlin, Germany.


WaveReform Records welcomes Snitch with his debut release. Hailing from Munich where he grew up under the Swedish and German techno influence. Snitch is based in Berlin now, who still works with hardware musical gear only and follows his roots of turning experiments and noises into sensible techno music. Skalen EP consists of sleek, functional but no-nonsense techno variations from Snitch. Leading with ‘Skalen’ — a deadly, serrated tool fashioned to carve up the hardest of dance floors and takes you through the tunnel without a torch.’Kromag’ displays a bit more of the swing that this producer does so well adding darker atmosphere to a killer effective techno banger.


When I heard this track for the first time, in my head instantly became the question: How to share this magic movement that putting me in deep trance with other people ? How to explain, what music can to do with our imagination? I didn’t want to make just a cover, I wanted to create a continuation for the history created by Thomas. We are try to show how music can to change our reality. In continuing the major label line, I decided to create a symbiosis of music and graphics. Let’s techno creates his own face, to show his soul and character, rather than a set of sound distortion.